As parents ourselves we found out very quickly that technology and media are not only all around us, but they can impact our child and how we parent them. From the way we use technology to collect memories with cameras, and share them with others on the internet to the monitoring devices, toys, games, and entertainment media available for our children, all of these things are a part of being a parent and can factor in to how our children grow and develop.

The fact is new technologies appear daily. Trends change by the hour or even minute, and children are more exposed to electronics than ever before. While our kids still have the plastic or stuff figurines we grew up with, they also have computers, apps, and smart devices, all of which shape how they see the world around them.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers, we aren’t doctors, or experts on parenting. We are just a couple of nerdy parents that are aware of this change in the world and want to share what we know and see, in the hopes that it can help you. Our first lesson in parenting has been that there is no such thing as a perfect parent, and we know better than to pretend like we are, but we hope we can give you some insights that you might not get anywhere else, and hopefully this empowers you to take action and improve your ability to be the watchful, loving mentor that we all seek to be.

On a personal note, both of us are both marketing professionals that find ourselves knee-deep in new technologies on a daily basis. We’re a young family and, in addition to our son, we also have a vizsla that we adore and might as well be considered one of our children.



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