Your Child’s Social Networking Training Ground


Have you heard of Everloop? It’s basically a training ground for your kids to start getting involved in social networking. If you know that it’s inevitable that your child is going to want to get involved in social networking at some point – start them off with them stepping group, a super-safe social networking site for tweens.

Designed for kids 8-13 year-olds, parents must approve kids’ accounts before they can join groups, add friends, or post photos and videos. Everloop offers plenty of fun activities, but safety is its real selling point. Parental controls allow you to track your child’s site activity and proactively be involved with who your child friends. Kids will find plenty of fun features on the site, and an app released in 2012 allows them to access the site through their cell phone to post photos and other items on the go.

After kids sign up for a free membership on Everloop, they can connect with friends; upload videos; join groups based on songs, math, and other topics; play games and more. A new app, Everloop Goobit, also allows kids to post photos and comments to the site from their phone. Kids can also pull just-for-fun pranks, or Goobs–such as throwing a virtual pie–on friends on the site. In many ways, Everloop, which encourages kids to only friend kids they know in real life, offers a more secure experience than some other social networking sites. Kids can connect safely, while parents can manage the overall experience: It’s a win-win situation.

  • Families can talk about using a social networking site to make new friends. Everloop encourages you to connect online with friends you already have.
  • What potential dangers could occur when you meet strangers online? What kind of information should you never give out about yourself to someone you don’t know?
  • The site lets you post videos and pictures online. What’s appropriate stuff to post? And what things might be too personal for everyone to see?

Does anyone have first-hand experience with Everloop?


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