10 Essential Apps for the Busy Parents

10 Essential Apps for the Busy Parents


It’s time moms, it’s time to ditch those pen and paper planner style logs that you keep your life in… trust me, I know….. it’s SO satisfying to be able to physically cross something off the list every few days, but, come with me into 2013 and liberate yourself and your mom purse from “another” giant item to carry.

Thank goodness for the tips that I found on the Online Mom blog! She recently posted a life-saving rundown of apps for the busy mom (which is also super ideal for the working mother).

Check out her blog for full listing, but the basic rundown is below:

Grocery Gadget Shopping List

  • Why It’s Cool: It’s a high-tech shopping list that ‘learns’ how you shop!
  • Cost: $2.99/$3.99


  • Why It’s Cool: 24/7 access to a vast supply of healthy info, BUT it can also store your family’s information and ensures offline access
  • Cost: Free!


  • Why It’s Cool: Barcode scanner that seeks out the prices using an array of popular sites, BUT it also includes in-app purchasing opportunities
  • Cost: Free!


  • Why It’s Cool: Assigns chores, tracks accomplishments and suggests awards for achieving pre-set goals
  • Cost: $3.99

Bill Minder

  • Why It’s Cool: Tracks payments and expenses by storing all bills in one place, PLUS it allows you set up automatic payments, track bill-paying and get multiple reports.
  • Cost: $1.99


  • Why It’s Cool: Helps organize your household by dividing the house chores into manageable routines and organized by day, week, month or season
  • Cost: $4.99


  • Why It’s Cool: Crowdsource your everyday tasks with background-checked errand services – everything from grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning or delivering lunch!
  • Cost: Free!

Key Ring Rewards Cards

  • Why It’s Cool: Register all of our membership cards in one place and lighten up your wallet while receiving additional discounts
  • Cost: Free!

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader

  • Why It’s Cool: Take a picture of your receipts and organize them by store, purchase, date, amount and more
  • Cost: Free!


  • Why It’s Cool: Keep track of the family’s medical conditions, allergies and medications
  • Cost: $1.99

I’ve downloaded quite a few of these apps and plan to putting them to some good use. Any other recommendations for a busy, tech-friendly parent?


Marketing Guru, Tech Nerd and Social Media Junkie by Day. Devoted Wife and New Mother By Night. Finding new ways to deal with the collision of those two worlds.

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