The Technology Compromise for Tweeners

The Technology Compromise for Tweeners
Tweeners & their iPads

In doing a little bit of research about what to do when the inevitable happens and our son is old enough to negotiate his web time, I ran across an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal.

I have no doubt that, with two nerdy parents, he is inevitable going to notice those shiny screens we have laying around the house and want to start playing with them at an age that way too young for me to even fathom.

Take a look through this article, she has an interesting (and probably all too familiar) take on the topic – the basic judgement comes down to the following:

“The key is not to lock them out—having them learn to decide what’s right and what’s wrong is 10 times more important,” he said. John proposed that grades decide the access issue. If a child is holding a 95 or higher average, we simply won’t interfere with her digital consumption choices. Between 90 and 95, as long as report cards show an upward trend during the six grading periods our school uses, again no interference.

So, what say you readers? Any tactics or success stories you’d be willing to share?


Marketing Guru, Tech Nerd and Social Media Junkie by Day. Devoted Wife and New Mother By Night. Finding new ways to deal with the collision of those two worlds.

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