What’s the Right Age for a Cell Phone?


In this day and age it is a question that every parent will deal with.   Every year cellular phone technology is becoming more and more affordable, and because of this we have developed a comfort level with it. We now are challenged with deciding at what age do I give my child a device that for me wasn’t common place until I was in college.  In trying to solve the problem I found this article on the PBS website.  I think it does a great job of getting parents in the right mindset to make this decision.



I'm a 30 something Digital Marketer who is addicted to new technology. I'm a bit of a computer nerd, but I'm also and former athlete. I enjoy the great outdoors when ever I can, and I'm into watching and following my local sports teams. Most importantly I love my wife and my son, and they come first in my life no matter what.

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2 comments on “What’s the Right Age for a Cell Phone?
  1. Eric says:

    Oh my gosh, I wish I could say “never.” I always laugh when I see a five year old in the back seat on a phone. I always wonder… is that a real phone, or a play phone? These days you don’t ever know. Thanks for the post!

    • Casey says:

      The worried parent in me wants to say “never” as well, but I also know that at some point I’m only going to be holding them back. Glad you like the post. Thanks for the comments.

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