Okay, who let Dad friend me on Facebook?

Okay, who let Dad friend me on Facebook?

Welcome To Facebook, Pops!

We ran across an interesting post on Business Insider (click on the link in this post to read for yourself) a few days ago and I couldn’t help but think was simply the inevitable. It’s aptly titled, “It’s Official: Teens Are Bored with Facebook”.

One of my primary responsibilities at my day job is to essentially keep an ear to the ground and monitor, keep posted and track social networking communities. Now, since my primary audience is definitely not teenagers at this particular job, it definitely concerned me when my customer demographic of older white males, 45-65, was getting more and more interested in Facebook. To put it simply, who let mom and dad on Facebook?

The article goes on to explain that the typical teenage response in an array of focus groups was, “We’re bored with Facebook,” – I know, how very original of them, right? Anyone remember MySpace? The writing was on the wall, Mr Zuckerberg.

It has been made clear that Facebook no longer servers our teenagers needs – it used to be “cool” to brag about yourself. Now people are looking for more intimate places to share items with a handful of people (thank goodness, finally, some privacy!).

So, with that being said – keep your ears and eyes open for the next network that your teenager begins to mention – Snapchat? Instagram? The important thing is to make sure that your teenager still understands that the internet is written in pen, not pencil – and what they post in that vast expanse known as the world wide web can come back to bite them in the rear when it comes time to find that first job!


Marketing Guru, Tech Nerd and Social Media Junkie by Day. Devoted Wife and New Mother By Night. Finding new ways to deal with the collision of those two worlds.

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